Your eyes are unique—your eyecare medications should be, too. By offering targeted formulas designed to your specific needs, customized treatments for eye conditions increase long-term eye health. At WeCare Pharmacy, we partner with your doctor to ensure you receive the appropriate care for your eye health needs and optical conditions.

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Benefits of

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Benefits of a Compounding Pharmacy for Eye Patients

WeCare Pharmacy provides personalized medication tailored to fit your individual needs. This individualized approach to medicine creates solutions that work with your body—by creating custom dosages, these medications target your concerns, offering allergy-free alternatives to standard formulas. 

Compounding pharmacies fill the treatment gap by providing specialized therapeutic medications for unique situations, offering distinctive benefits for ophthalmology patients that include:

  • Customized medications tailored to the needs of individual patients
  • Personalized dosages and optimized formulas
  • Allergen-free medications (gluten, dyes, etc.)
  • Discontinued or hard-to-find eye medications
  • Cost-effective solutions for any budget

Customized Medications
A compounding pharmacy can adjust the strength of a medication or combine multiple prescriptions into a single dosage to make it more effective and convenient.

Easy-to-Use Formulas (optimized for you)
Some patients struggle to take standard-form medication, such as tablets or capsules. Compounding pharmacies can create alternative ways to take medication (liquid, gel, capsules, etc.), addressing your unique preferences to increase comfort.

Allergen-free Medications
Your compounding pharmacy can prepare medications free from common allergens to keep you safe and comfortable.

Discontinued or Hard-to-Find Eye Medications
Can’t find your favorite treatment or medication? No problem. WeCare Pharmacy can prepare medications that are no longer available commercially or are difficult to find but are highly effective at treating your eye condition.

Cost-effective Solutions
Providing budget-friendly solutions that offer a cost-effective alternative to commercially available options is all in a day’s work for a compounding pharmacy. WeCare Pharmacy works with our patients to keep medication costs as low as possible while providing the care you need when you need it.

Available Treatments

WeCare Pharmacy offers a wide range of medications for eye care patients, including many of the most in-demand formulas:

  • Atropine eye drops
  • Autologous serum eye drops
  • Dry eye treatment
  • Myopia management

Atropine Eye Drops
Atropine eye drops are a medication used to dilate the pupils and reduce eye secretions. When you visit your doctor, these eye drops dilate your eyes for an ophthalmology exam. The effects of the drops are temporary and when the medication wears off, the eye returns to normal.

Atropine eye drops work by relaxing the muscles that enable the eye to focus. This allows doctors to diagnose and treat eye problems more accurately. Atropine eye drops are also used to treat medical conditions like uveitis (inflammation of the eye’s middle layer) and to prevent cataracts.

Atropine eye drops are often used to diagnose eye problems such as refraction (blurred vision) in children under the age of six and can also help treat children with a condition known as cross-eye or lazy eye, which causes one eye to weaken. Research also shows that atropine eye drops slow the progression of childhood myopia (nearsightedness) when used in combination with corrective glasses or contact lenses.

Autologous Serum Eye Drops
Autologous serum eye drops are an emerging treatment that uses your blood serum to treat a variety of eye conditions, including:

  • Dry Eye Syndrome
  • Corneal Injuries
  • Keratitis (inflammation of the cornea)
  • Ocular Surface Disease 

Autologous serum eye drops isolate the nutrient-rich plasma from a patient’s blood sample. The blood is diluted with sterile saline and processed to create a healing serum rich in growth factors and other substances to promote eye health. Autologous serum eye drops are a safe and effective treatment alternative—developed from the patient’s blood, they lower the risk of allergic reactions, eliminating the side effects associated with other eye drops.

Dry Eye Treatment
Dry eye is a condition where the eyes do not produce enough tears, or the tears evaporate too quickly. Dry eyes lead to discomfort and can affect your vision. 

The main symptoms of dry eye include:

  • A sandy or grainy sensation in the eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Burning
  • Itching
  • Redness

Primary causes of the condition include:

  • Aging
  • Environmental factors (dry air, smoke, or wind)
  • Hormonal changes
  • Autoimmune disorders (Sjogren’s syndrome or rheumatoid arthritis)
  • Medications/medical treatments (radiation therapy)
  • Screen exposure

A compounding pharmacy can help with dry eye management by creating customized eye drops tailored to your specific condition. Compounding eye drops are formulated with specialized ingredients known to be effective in treating dry eye symptoms, using ingredients like hyaluronic acid and omega-3 fatty acids. A compounding pharmacy can also make eye drops without preservatives, improving treatment for those who are sensitive to synethetic additives.

Alternative prescription formulas improve medication absorption and delivery and include drops, gels, ointments, and trochees. Personalized care options give patients access to targeted treatment plans that can increase care success rates and improve the health of your eyes.

Myopia Management
Myopia—also known as nearsightedness—is a chronic degenerative condition that affects long-distance vision, making it increasingly difficult to distinguish objects at a distance. Myopia occurs when the eye is too long or the cornea is too curved, which causes light to focus incorrectly on the retina at the back of the eye. 

Symptoms of myopia include:

  • Blurry vision when looking at distant objects
  • Eye strain
  • Difficulty driving or playing sports without corrective lenses
  • Headaches
  • Squinting to see things in the distance

Myopia is diagnosed by an eye doctor during a comprehensive exam. Affecting one in four Americans, doctors treat the condition with contact lenses, glasses, or refractive surgery. There is no cure for myopia—however, the condition can be managed early on with specific treatments such as atropine eye drops, which can slow the progression of myopia in children.

A compounding pharmacy will work with your ophthalmologist to treat eye conditions that impair your vision, developing custom treatments to match your unique needs. The latest emerging medical therapies may slow the progression of this condition—talk to your doctor about using a compounding pharmacy to manage your myopia.

Improving Eye Health with Personalized Treatment

WeCare Pharmacy is proud to be a leader in personalized healthcare and offers targeted prescription treatments to promote better health outcomes in patients suffering from a wide range of conditions. Our compounding pharmacy is an active member of the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA), offering patients the highest quality care to improve recovery and healing.

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Improving Lives with Personalized Medicine

At WeCare Pharmacy, we customize medication to fit the unique needs of every patient. We are a proud member of the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA), which leads the industry in supplying the highest quality fine chemicals and delivery systems on the market.

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